Kidnapping is a federal crime, and U.K. blokes the Wanted have been accused of it. On 'Punk'd' that is!

On Episode 4, Tyler, the Creator punked the boys hard. Poor Tom Parker. He looks like he is about to cry. They got him good. The Wanted fell for the prank, hook, line and sinker.

The gist of the plot is that the boys are accused of kidnapping a young 10-year-old girl named MacKenzie, to whom they provided an autograph. She went missing right after nabbing their John Hancocks.

The band is yanked from the van and propped against the wall as the cops investigate WTF happened to the little girl, as the group was the last to see her.

Parker thinks they were pulled over because they were not wearing their seat belts. At this point, that would have been a dream violation for the lads. The stern cops are no joke and there are copters hovering above, adding to the tension and fear that Parker, Max George and crew are experiencing.

The cop snarls, "If we don't find this girl, you are in big trouble." The Wanted claim to know not of her whereabouts, but then the 5.0 finds her in their blue vehicle. The little girl says, "They took me!" and "They forced me." Things are not looking good for the boy band.

The police officer orders Parker to "lose the accent" and to lay down on stomach. He appears utterly terrified. The band has its hands against the wall during a pat down when they learn they are being punk'd.


MTV Buzzworthy
reports that The Wanted's Jay McGuiness was in on the joke from the get go, which is rare in the Punk'd universe.

He said, "The team at 'Punk'd' spoke to someone on our management team who...knew that out of the group, I enjoyed pranking the lads a lot." Later, Parker admitted, "When you get accused of kidnapping, it's the worst feeling in your life. [I was thinking,] 'I'm going to prison for the rest of my life in America.'"

No jail time, Tommy! Just more love from the ladies!

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