The Wanted have shared a full preview of their new album 'Word of Mouth,' which you can listen to right here. It will give you a feel for what the boys have come up with. It's an excellent way to preview the album, which is out on Nov. 4. Let's feast on these audio samples in the interim, shall we?

The first set of snippets features the hit single and pubby anthem 'We Own the Night,' 'In the Middle' (which is a bit of an EDM-lite ballad that sounds like something the Backstreet Boys would have recorded) and 'Running Out of Reasons,' which rocks.

Other tracks in the first clip include the falsetto-driven 'I Found You,' 'Show Me Love (America),' the cray cray catchy single 'Walks Like Rihanna,' 'Summer Alive' and 'Love Sewn.'

Part two boasts another bit of 'Love Sewn,' the banger 'Glow in the Dark,' 'Demons,' 'Could This Be Love,' 'Everybody Knows,' 'Heartbreak Story,' 'Chasing the Sun (U.K. Radio Version),' 'If We're Alright,' 'Only You' and 'Drunk on Love.'

The third and final installment includes 'Read My Mind' and 'Satellite.'

There is a lot of music to digest here, but it's worth it. It's the Wanted we know and lurve, and it appears as thought the boys have more hits on their hands.

Listen to the Wanted Preview Part 1

Listen to the Wanted Preview Part 2

Listen to the Wanted Preview Part 3