Tiah Tolliver has had some trouble impressing the 'X Factor' judges in the past, but her mentor, Simon Cowell, has always stood by the fact that she's a "risk worth taking." After her haunting performance of the Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams' on Tuesday's elimination episode, we're inclined to agree.

No one can deny that Tolliver put her own spin on the 1983 hit song, giving it a whole new meaning. Backed by red lighting and dead tree silhouettes, she gave a daringly gritty performance, pulling a bit of Halloween spirit into her spooky and dark rendition and turning 'Sweet Dreams' into a nightmare -- in a good way. After she wrapped, we were sold: It was a bold and daring effort that worked in her favor. If this is the niche Tolliver is digging, she may be able to make a bed and lie in it.

Unfortunately, Cowell's peers stood their ground. "I guess you're one of his favorites and congratulations to you for that performance," L.A. Reid told the contestant, clearly not impressed by her production.

"If that was a sweet dream I'd hate to see what one of the scary ones are like," Nicole Scherzinger joked, quickly changing her tune. "You looked fierce -- you were committed." Paula Abdul agreed, but echoed what the other judges have been saying all season. "I give you credit because you have this fierce drive about you. The performance was very very interesting. If you want to do this for a living, you're going to have to work on your pitch."

"You two are so predictable," Simon said, calling Paula and Nicole "spiteful little cats." He said Tolliver came to prove that she's got potential, and we're convinced of that as well -- while Tiah may not be a powder puff pop star, we think she can rattle some bones in a rockier setting.

Unfortunately, both she and the ever-underwhelming Simone Battle were sent packing, but we don't think that's the last we'll hear of Tiah Tolliver.

Watch Tiah Tolliver Perform 'Sweet Dreams' on 'X Factor'