A family was bursting with laughter when their patriarch proved he shouldn't be in charge of vacation planning after booking a ridiculously tiny home for their family trip.

In a series of TikTok videos, Kylie Keefe revealed her dad rented a 240-square-foot house for their family vacation — which included four adults and two dogs.

In the first viral video, which garnered over 5.1 million views on TikTok, Kylie and her brother sit in the driveway of the vacation home their dad booked online, the two of them wheezing as they laugh uncontrollably at the silly scene in front of them.

The house looks like a well-manufactured doll house. It's adorable... and very, very tiny, with hardly enough room for two people, let alone four plus two dogs.

See below:

Thankfully, Hilton's savvy social media team spotted Kylie's viral video on TikTok and saved the family's Adirondacks trip by offering them a human-sized room for free at one of their hotels.

Kylie and her brother ended up taking the free hotel room, while their parents relaxed back at the tiny house.

Naturally, though, viewers wanted an interior tour of the tiny house, which Kylie's mom was happy to oblige in a follow-up TikTok.

The video tour reveals a quaint loft, mini kitchen and petite bathroom. Watch below:

Meanwhile, back at the Hilton, Kylie and her brother enjoyed the amenities and friendly staff.

"So the Hilton did put me up for two nights," Kylie says in a TikTok video about the hotel, showing off the specious room complete with a bottle of champagne, handwritten welcome note and full-sized bathroom.

Kylie and the Hilton staff even show off their outstanding dance moves in the upbeat clip. Check it out:

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