A community pot funded former 'American Idol' contestant Tim Halperin's new video for 'The Last Song.'

Halperin, one of Season 10's Top 24 who admitted to nursing a crush on hot mama/maternal mentor Jennifer Lopez, wasn't deterred by a simple thing like being voted off the show. He showed initiative and ingenuity by rustling up filmmakers and volunteers in his native Fort Worth and made this stellar video on a shoestring budget. The price tag? $8,000, every dollar of which was donated by fans online.

Additionally, Halperin is offering 'The Last Song' as a free download. He has designs on a full album, which he plans to release independently this September.

This Tim Halperin kid is quite the self-starter, isn’t he? In this day and age, you have to be.

The video looks incredibly professional, even though it was constructed for less than 10 grand. It opens with Halperin playing piano in a crisp, bright, clean house with a wood floor, as he writes notes and looks at a photo.

He is then transported to a lush, green field, via a piano, sort of like Alice in Wonderland falling through the rabbit hole. He then moves around through a variety of locations. Halperin in seen driving in middle America, on some sort of movie set, and performing at a nighttime wedding. Overall, the video suggests that music can take you anywhere. It's already started taking Tim Halperin places.

Watch the Tim Halperin 'The Last Song' Video