Tinashe's "Watch Me Work" was rudely relegated to Best Buy edition bonus track status when the singer's debut album Aquarius dropped back in 2014, despite the fact that it's a clear and obvious smash — but #JusticeForTinashe is currently being served, anyway.

In the midst of the panic surrounding Rihanna's long-awaited ANTI lead single "Work," a few trolls (and, amusingly by accident, Billboard as well) uploaded Tinashe's "Watch Me Work" on YouTube, mislabelling it as Rihanna's "Work." Some of those clips went viral, and one falsely titled video now has over 11 million streams. 

As a result, Tinashe's "Watch Me Work" has unexpectedly debuted on the Billboard Bubbling Under Charts this week at #5.

Her last single, "Player," peaked at #3 on the Bubbling Under charts, which very well means that she's about to overtake her actual Joyride single by accident. Great work (work, work, daddy), everyone!

"How many version does this song have I mean what I heard from the radio isn't similar to this," one confused listener commented on the false stream, while others simply delighted in the fiyah hot track. "I missed Rihanna so much!" another exclaimed, oblivious.

Because of the surprise charting, "Watch Me Work" has just been made available on iTunes and VEVO.

Here's hoping it only continues to work (work, work, daddy) even higher up the charts next week, considering it deserved to be a hit when it first dropped, anyway.

Watch Tinashe tear it up to "Watch Me Work" at last year's New Look Wireless Festival below.

The year in selfies, featuring Tinashe: