If 'The Voice' singer Tony Lucca was counting on some love from another fellow 'Mickey Mouse Club' co-star, he'd better call up Britney Spears. Christina Aguilera let her opinion of Lucca be known on Monday night, after he finished singing 'In Your Eyes' by Peter Gabriel.

"I just find you to be very one-dimensional," Aguilera said in a stunning moment of criticism. "I would love to see if you make it past this point where you would grow from this stage." She then made a point of mentioning Justin Timberlake's endorsement of Lucca, adding that she felt the competition should be about the best voice, not who has the most famous fans.

Lucca smiled through the condemnation, but looked bothered as his coach Adam Levine did his best to put him back together. 'In Your Eyes' is a favorite of his, and while he said he was proud of the father of two from Michigan, he stopped short of saying it was brilliant. The troubles Lucca had with the falsetto weren't fixed by showtime, but Levine told him, "You worked your way around it in a way that made me really proud."

Lucca ran off stage giving high-fives to fans while pumping his fists. While the performance may not have been the night's best vocally, there's no doubt the singer made a connection with the live audience. He'll find out tomorrow night if he made enough of a connection with the voting audience at home.

Watch Tony Lucca Perform 'In Your Eyes' on 'The Voice'