'American Idol' judge Steven Tyler has spiced up Season 10 with his one liners that often have us saying, "Huh?" They're colorful, they are sometimes non-sequiturs, but they are always entertaining. We also have to give Steven -- not Steve, as fellow judge Jennifer Lopez learned the hard way -- props for having a more expanded vocabulary and ability to turn a phrase than Randy Jackson, who starts and ends every comment with "yo" or "dog." Without further adieu, here is our list of the Top 10 Steven Tyler Quotes from 'American Idol' this season.

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    "I've got leftover sandwiches under my bed older than you!"

    Tyler addresses and celebrates like-minded rocker James Durbin's youth and talent with this food-themed one liner! While he wasn't comparing the faux-hawked singer to a moldy sandwich, we appreciate his sentiments, since Durbin is young 'n' hungry in the competition.

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    "A cool dude ... With a loose mood."

    Low-key, laid-back Paul McDonald flew under the radar for much of the audition process. Although he was sent home, his understated performances improved each week, so we have to acknowledge Tyler's instinctual understanding of McDonald. He is proving to be a cool, loose performer, and Steven Tyler called it weeks ago.

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    "She's a murderer … Because she killed it."

    The eliminated balladeer Pia Toscano hit every towering note of every tune she sung on the show. This was enough for Steven Tyler to label her a murderer, because she slayed the powerful songs every time. Toscano was, of course, guilty-as-charged.

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    "You could call me 'late for dinner' and I'd still love you. But not lunch."

    Jennifer Lopez wasn't exempt from a Tylerism, either. The judge committed a major verbal faux pas when she called him "Steve" in the early audition phases, not knowing him well enough at the time to realize he prefers to be called "Steven!" He corrected her -- on air -- and once again employed a food-driven sentiment. We don't think anyone will ever call him "Steve" again!

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    "What's with the jujubees on your ooh-ooh-bees?"

    During the audition phase of 'American Idol,' plenty of costumed freaks and off-key singers came out of the woodwork. One hopeful, the very emotional Tiffany Rios who failed to advance, was sporting strategically placed stars on her chest. This caused Tyler to lapse into Dr. Seuss-speak, asking her a ridiculous question that sort of made sense.

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    "That man right there has a rich vein of inner crazy."

    First, he’s younger than discarded sandwiches. Now he has a crazy gene? If James Durbin weren't such a good sport and incredibly confident in his talent, he might develop a complex from some of the stuff Tyler says about him! Durbin has a flair for filling the room with his style, personality and voice and if that makes crazy course through his veins, then so (juju)be(e) it.

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    "I don't know where you get it from, man, but I will bathe in it."

    Perhaps the ickiest of this season's quotes, Tyler was so moved by contestant Jacob Lusk's histrionics, he felt the need to tell the 'Idol' contestant that wants to "bathe" in some of that. We get what Tyler was going for, but it's just a gross image if you think about it for more than 10 seconds.

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    "You opened up a can of woooooo-kee-do on us tonight!"

    Most people would say 'You opened up a can of whoop-a--- on us tonight,' but not Steven Tyler. The outlandish Aerosmith vocalist was always fond of the eliminated Naima Adedapo and her woooooo-kee-do -- whatever the hell that is. It immediately makes us think of Chewbacca, who is a Wooikee. Does that still make it count as a compliment?

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    "That's the goop that great stuff is made from."

    No, Steven Tyler wasn't talking about hair gel when he told Casey Abrams that his performances are made of a valuable material apparently called "goop." It's another strange word, but maybe Abrams' overgrown locks and beard caused Tyler to have a Freudian slip of some sort?

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    "Well hellfire, save matches, f---k a duck and see what happens."

    Country crooner Scotty McCreery blew the judges away with his deep, low vocal style from his very first audition. Tyler was so impressed (and shocked) at what came out of McCreery's mouth that he came up with a new and much more interesting way to say "Don't judge a book by its cover."