Trevor Noah insulted Kanye West and the entire Kardashian family with the posting of a single tweet -- all the while praising (a very deserving) Kendrick Lamar.

The new Daily Show host followed along with last night's (February 15) Grammy Awards, tweeting during particular moments of note. Lamar's electrifying performance was a showstopper, with viewers in near-universal agreement that the rapper delivered the type of Grammys performance that will be recalled on countless Best Of lists decades down the line. It was provocative, powerful, political and engaging. Taylor Swift may have won Album of the Year, but Lamar walked away far more triumphant.

And so, Noah acknowledged all that by comparing Lamar to Kanye West (whose increasingly incoherent, misogynistic and unprompted social media outbursts are sadly starting to overshadow his incredible legacy as a prolific and game-changing artist) when he tweeted: "Kendrick is what Kanye would have been if the Kardashians didn't get him."

The above tweet is a joke, obviously. Noah is a comedian, he likely realizes not all jokes land. This is one of them. Using the Kardashians as an excuse for the direction Kanye's career has currently taken is boring, and it's old. Kanye has yet to respond to the tweet, but considering his current track record for using Twitter as a direct mouthpiece in addressing criticism, he may choose to do so soon.

For her part though, wife Kim Kardashian is reportedly not a fan of Kanye’s recent Twitter outbursts. 

“What causes friction in the marriage, however, is Kanye’s compulsive tweeting," a source told PEOPLE. "Kim can’t stand it. She is all for self-promotion, but doesn’t approve of Twitter drama."