Troye Sivan has a few dedicated fans, to say the least.

As a singer-actor-YouTuber with a very modest following on his channel (just kidding, 3.5+ million subscribers and counting), the burgeoning "Happy Little Pill" star has amassed a fiercely loyal fanbase (cult?) that worships at the altar of all things Troye; his impeccably styled hair alone enough to reduce a person to indecipherable, caps-locked shaking and crying. The result of that kind of feverish fandom, of course, is a torrent of furiously typed, objectively insane comments.

Ahead of the release of his upcoming WILD EP tomorrow (September 4) — he'll be walking us through the making of the EP in detail tomorrow, by the way — we asked the TRXYE singer to sit down and read through a few particular gems from his Twitter mentions and YouTube comments.

The thirst for new music is real...and it's safe to say that he'll require a full security team in Malaysia.

Check out Troye's reaction to Stuff Fans Say up top, and be sure to check back here tomorrow to watch him walk us through the making of the WILD EP.