'True Blood' starlet Evan Rachel Wood, who just so happens to be Marilyn Manson's ex-fiancee, has chopped off her hair and opened her mouth! The actress may sporting a sassy, punk rock coif, but when she grabbed the mic at a karaoke bar in Beijing, China, she showed a whole other side of her personality, besides proving that she can really sing. But rather than rip through a song by her industrial goth metal ex, Wood went in the complete opposite direction, singing her face off to Justin Bieber's 'U Smile.'

Wood must be a Belieber, but even if she isn't, she managed to turn the song into a vehicle for her voice, giving the Biebs himself a run for his money with how well she handles his song. Who knew ERW could sing so well and who knew that the Biebs' song could be a showpiece for an actress like Wood to show off her chops? She is singing like she means every word of the teen-friendly lyrics, too.

If the acting gig doesn't work out for -- which we doubt since she is one of the most talented and edgy actresses of her generation -- she can always move over to full-time  singing, like Jared Leto did with Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Watch Evan Rachel Wood Sing 'U Smile' By Justin Bieber