Tyga found himself in a possible cheating scandal the other day when salacious texts and photos he allegedly sent to actress Mia Isabella leaked online. Tyga's lawyer has since denied the accusations, but not the authenticity of the messages, while his rumored girlfriend Kylie Jenner has yet to say anything at all.

Mia Isabella, meanwhile, finally issued a statement about the scandal, expressing her frustration with the way the media seems to have taken issue with the fact that she's transgender, instead of highlighting the fact that Tyga was, you know, probably cheating. On his 17-year-old girlfriend.

She said (via VH1), "It’s very sad that the idea of a man loving a trans person has to be considered a scandal when all people are equal – love always wins doesn’t it? I live in a world in my mind where everything is a fairy tale of love. Saddening to see small-minded thoughts travel so quickly like wildfire not knowing if its true or not. It’s like wave crashing over me washing over me to see masses of humanity rise with pitch forks blindly following. Are we not all equal? Am I not an American with the right to love and live as I choose with whoever I choose? If a celebrated man loves a transgender woman or possibly did that’s news?"

The statement continued, "It shouldn’t be news it should be normal for anyone and everyone to be allowed to love who they choose. This person is not the man that I love but I have loved a few incredible and celebrated men in my life. I live my live in the open courageous and brave in my truth. I’ve been blessed to live in a time where my freedom has allowed me to create the woman I am today in my own image. If only everyone could be so brave. Unconditional love is godlike spreading hate simply a set back for humanity itself."

Mia makes a fair point. There are so many things to take issue with regarding this situation -- Tyga's rumored infidelity, and his creepy relationship with Kylie are at the top of our list -- but Mia's status as a transgender woman should be entirely irrelevant.

As for Tyga's part in all this, TMZ reports that he's since enlisted the help of the FBI to find out who hacked his phone in the first place. Poor Tyga and this egregious breach of privacy.

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