Here's hoping Tyga has been saving some of his tens, twenties and fifties. The 'Rack City' rapper is being sued over a pricey Malibu mansion, so he may need the money!

In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ (who else?), Tyga's landlord, Gholamreza Rezai, sues Tyga as well as Cash Money Music for back rent. Apparently Tyga signed a year-long lease in June for the gorgeous Malibu pad, agreeing to pay $16,000 per month. (Yes, that's $16,000 -- with three zeroes!) Only problem is, Tyga stopped paying rent last month. Is he too busy dropping cash at strip joints?

Rezai said that Tyga told him he'd wanted to move out by the end of September, claiming fans kept showing up at his door and that he didn't feel the property was safe nor secure enough to deal with the constant clamor. Considering the crazies that have shown up at Usher and Miley Cyrus' houses recently, we can't say we blame Tyga in this case -- that's scary stuff! And even if the fans aren't scissor-wielding maniacs, it's still disruptive to someone's privacy to have strangers showing up all the time.

Only problem is, Rezai refused to end the lease and demanded September's rent. He never got September's rent, and though Tyga stopped paying rent ... he still lives on the property. Whoopsies! Rezai is suing for September's rent plus damages, and he wants Tyga out of the house ASAP.

Here's hoping Tyga gets his situation straightened out soon. Chances are with all that porn money, he should be able to afford to take care of this!

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