Tyler Oakley has decided to make his YouTube channel more inclusive by ensuring the closed caption option is available for all his videos. In case you're unaware, closed captioning is essentially the addition of subtitles to a video. Whatever is being said onscreen is then translated to text that is displayed toward the bottom of the video so the viewer can read along and follow that way. Tyler went back through his entire archive in an attempt to have each of his videos closed captioned, so anyone who is either hard of hearing, deaf or not as familiar with English can follow along with his videos more easily.

Going even further with the whole idea of inclusion, Tyler also asks his viewers who speak a language other than English to help caption his videos, if they so desire. This way, his videos will be accessible to people who don't necessarily speak English or if English is not someone's first language. He said, of the idea, "I just want everyone to be able to enjoy YouTube the way I enjoy YouTube. And for that to happen it takes teamwork."

He goes to say, "I just want you to be conscious of all the ways that you're privileged with your own body," mentioning that not everyone is born with the same privileges or abilities. We commend Tyler on his effort to be more inclusive going forward. What do you guys think? Check out his video above and let us know!