Hillary Clinton has yet to take an official stand on what is, perhaps, the most important question in modern day pop music: Whose side are you on when it comes to the Katy Perry/Taylor Swift feud? But judging by the people she follows on Twitter, it looks like the presidential hopeful is officially Team Katy.

Clinton only follows a scant 142 accounts on the micro-blogging site, so it’s safe to say she (or, well, the staff member who runs her Twitter, anyway) takes the utmost care to decide whose tweets HRC’s interested in seeing on her feed. Other than Katy, she also follows Mariah Carey (duh), her husband Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea, and even YouTuber Tyler Oakley, who acknowledged the follow with a tweet earlier this month.

It might seem a little Steve-Buscemi-on-30-Rock of Clinton to follow a bunch of celebrities in an attempt to connect with the American youth — but following Oakley, at least, makes sense. The 26-year-old vlogger was part of a select group of popular YouTubers who attended the White House Correspondents' Associates Dinner earlier this year, and he also partnered with First Lady Michelle Obama as part of a video interview talking about access to higher education.

What do you guys think? Is Hillary secretly Team Katy? What about that Spotify playlist she made earlier this year? Do you think Taylor's next album will be full of subtle diss tracks against those who have wronged her this year? Do you think Taylor's more of a Bernie Sanders fan anyway, or might she possibly vote for the abhorrent Donald Trump?

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