Vlogger and known One Direction enthusiast Tyler Oakley just posted a new video to YouTube where he answered loads of fans' questions. With his shocking blue hair and wild gesticulation, Tyler proves to be just as entertaining as ever with his latest video.

The questions he chose to answer range in subject matter from funny ones like “What YouTuber has the best hair?" to requests for more serious input, like "Do you have any advice for people whose lives are not so great right now?”

Our favorite part? When asked what movie he would most like to see a sequel to, his answer was 'Hocus Pocus.' And we definitely could not agree with him more on that one. Even better? He totally volunteered to be in it, saying: “If they need somebody to be the witch on the vacuum, I’m here! I’ll do it!"

Check out the video of Tyler answering fan questions above, and let us know what you think! Would he be perfect for a 'Hocus Pocus' sequel or what?