When life gets tough, there's really one thing you can do: put on your best dress, head on over to John F. Kennedy Space Center with your Good Judy and blast off into the heavens for a brief intergalactic escape.

Utada Hikaru's Fantôme campaign continue to surprise every day as we head down the final stretch to its September 28 release date. (Eee!)

Following the release of heartbreak-on-the-dance-floor anthem "Michi," the Deep River J-Pop legend returns today (September 16) with a fellow icon in tow, Shiina Ringo, for a "Nijikan Dake No Vacance" — or "2 Hour Vacation."

Together, the two take time out from the world (exactly 2 hours, to be exact) to go galavanting across the galaxy. It looks like a pretty fun private adventure, too — from Star Wars-esque sand dune sailing to contemplative star-gazing inside the space vessel. It's especially touching to watch Shiina holding (and/or comforting?) Utada towards the end of the MV. After all, we already know much of this album came from grief.

"Working hard morning/afternoon/evening, it’ll be our escape / Since we thought of it, it’s our lucky day / I’ll be right there," they sing. (English translation via UBlog.)

It's a great duet, and the video is cute for a 2 hour (well, five minute) vacation. And to see Hikki laughing and smiling again? Now, that's worth the price of a roundtrip flight to Saturn.

Watch the full video at AramaJapan.

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