When Vanessa Hudgens isn't singing or acting in movies, she's judging babies. In this hilarious Funny or Die video, the Hudge picks out which babies make the cool cut and which are left lame in the dust.

Obviously, the the snazzi-fied babies get a thumbs up from the Hollywood red carpet starlet, while the Star Wars and bunny-suited kids are given an icy cold shoulder. Hudgens even goes so far as to even declares that she hates Anne Geddes(!!!), and makes a reference to old-school pop culture by requesting a dingo to eat one of the infants.

Tres funny, cool Vanessa! We tend to agree with Miss Hudgens that some babies dress, like, really lame. Hello, footie pajamas? Those are so 1989! But in any case, if anyone can make the call on what's hot and what's not, it's this super hip 22-year-old screen/song star.

Watch Vanessa Hudgens' 'Cool Baby, Lame Baby' Funny or Die Video