The novelty of Neil Armstrong's 1969 moonwalk may have worn off, but one designer is aiming to bring the sexy back to aeronautics.

Ahead of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, MTV has announced that it's totally overhauled the coveted Moonman trophy with the help of designer Jeremy Scott, who imagined the new design.

The pop culture totem, which you can see for yourself in the image above, has evolved from exclusively silver to a dreamy technicolor, sports a huge, hulking peace sign necklace around its neck and wears winged shoes that could help it take flight in the event a trusty jet pack fails.

The Moonman was most recently redesigned before the 2013 show. Brooklyn artist KAWS gave the trophy a whole new attitude that featured a skull and crossbones where the spaceman's helmet once rested—and, in case the sentiment wasn't clear, two exes where his eyes should have been. "It’s such a strong, iconic thing. Everyone sees the Moonman and knows right off the bat what it is," he told MTV News.


Miley Cyrus will host the 2015 show, which airs at 9 PM EST on August 30 and will include performances from Nick Jonas, Walk the Moon and The Weeknd.

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