It's been a while since anyone's heard new music from Jennifer Lopez. Following her hit 'Dance Again' with Pitbull, the former 'American Idol' judge and current diva has been lying relatively low, but she's back with a sequel to a previous track. 'What Is Love (Part II)' picks up where 'What Is Love' left off -- and the lyrics will likely prove a bit of a doozy for her ex, Marc Anthony.

The track, produced by Jean Baptiste back in 2009, likely isn't about Anthony -- but for those new to the song, it's surely easy to interpret it as such. Lopez gets pretty revealing in the new song, addressing a divorce directly and explicitly. "I had a ring on it / But I had to take it off," she coos. "I wasn't nearly getting the love that I deserve / All the cheating / All the lying / All the pain / All the crying / All the s--- that I'm not buying."

On the bright side, Lopez is gearing up to treat fans to new music soon. She hinted at a new project on Twitter, featuring RedOne -- the producer behind 'Dance Again.' We have a feeling her new songs will make us all want to do just that.

Listen to Jennifer Lopez, 'What Is Love (Part II)