There is something seriously freaky going on with the internet -- and it is My Idol, the Chinese app that turns everyday people, celebrities and literally anything or anyone you could ever think of into cartoon characters that are creepy AF.

The disturbing/genius app has taken the world by storm, as evidenced by the countless terrifying Vines and photos that now exist out there in the deepest, darkest corners of the internet. (Seriously: We're talking about a freak-faced Spongebob twerking in boxers and Shrek dancing on the pole.) In fact, we've collected some of the WTF evidence for your enjoyment and complete horror:

Of course, we couldn't resist taking a stab at the app ourselves when we discovered that it is essentially all of the best parts of the Sims, Elf Yourself and any other avatar-making app out there. We created some pretty strange celeb cartoons, like Harry Styles as a French maid, Taylor Swift in a panda suit and Justin Bieber with a full-on man beard. They may not be terrifying Shrek or Spongebob-worthy, but keep in mind we're still figuring the app out: The instructions are all in Chinese! Fortunately, the avatars for panda suit and French maid costume transcend all language barriers.

Go ahead, PopCrushers: Peep our celeb-centric avatars in the gallery above -- if you dare. Muahaha.