Whitney Houstons's daughter Bobbi Kristina is back in the news again, this time for a car accident. Bobbi Kris, who often ends up in media reports for negative things, was involved in a vehicular wreck in Georgia, which resulted in a demolished front of the car. The ride, a 2012 black Camaro, belongs to her boyfriend Nick Gordon.

The accident occurred on Sunday (Sept. 23) in Alpharetta, with Gordon in the driver's seat and Bobbi Kris as his passenger.

TMZ reports that the details of the incident are unclear, but it appears that it was one-car incident and that the lovebirds were quarreling verbally when the accident took place. No one was injured, but the car sure took a beating and the brunt of the damage.

The right front tire was MIA and the front bumper was torn off. The airbags were also deployed. Still, it managed to make its way back to the duo's apartment.

The authorities were called to the apartment to investigate a noise complaint, but no one answered the door. The cops then saw the car parked outside the hazard lights on, and it appeared to have been driven while damaged.

The accident remains under investigation.