will.i.iam is an ardent fan of technology and doesn't run screaming from it in the video for '#thatPOWER.'

He embraces and employs digital advancements in his hashtagged album and song titles. But the singer also makes use of multiple wills dancing in a tunnel and on steps and includes a Justin Bieber holograph in this futuristic clip.

The Biebs is digitally beamed in the video sporadically, but for the most part, we've got will dancing with dudes who are dressed like him and who move in perfect synchronicity.

It's so well-choregraphed that it almost looks like CGI. It's semi-creepy, since it's impossible for humans to dance in such a coordinated fashion. But will makes it happen. Whether or not he got a little help from his friends, like digital tools, is of little consequence, since it's looks cool and strange at once.

There's also an Asian dance troupe that meets up and merges with will's group on stairs. Where's Psy?