Remember Wilson Phillips, the all-girl, vocal harmony trio from the early '90s consisting of Brian Wilson's and John Phillips' female kids? They were literally children of the '70s, as they were daughters of members of The Beach Boys and The Mamas and the Papas!

They scored massive hits with saccharin singles. Now, the girls -- well, they're ladies at this point, as they are all in their '40s and still gorgeous -- are barreling back to the forefront of pop culture in the form of a new reality show set for the TV Guide Network.

Here's a little catch up session in case you lost touch with 'em. Chynna Phillips went on to marry Billy Baldwin and to become a born again Christian, not to mention her upcoming 'Dancing With the Stars' appearance, while Carnie Phillips' battles with her weight were well documented in the press. Wendy Wilson? Well, she dipped below the radar for a good portion of the post-Wilson Phillips career.

Nevetheless, the ladies are aiming to climb back onto the pop charts and will document their journey with 'The Wilson Phillips Project' which will follow the lives of the ladies as they valiantly attempt to regain their prominence courtesy of the pop fluff they became famous for peddling. Maybe that's too harsh. Their songs were such guilty pleasures. How could you not sing along to 'Release Me' or 'Hold On?'

Perhaps those '90s kids looking to overdose on nostalgia for an era long gone will dig this show. If you 'Hold on for one more day, things will go your way,' to quote Chynna Phillips!

Watch the Wilson Phillips 'Hold On' Video

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