Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez are two truly beautiful women, not to mention they have some assets that any person would envy. So whose trait would you like to possess?

Katy Perry's bust is pretty darn amazing. When your rack spawns an awesome picture of Ellen DeGeneres ogling your lady parts, then you've got it goin' on. Plain and simple. Perry is certainly not ashamed of her glorious rack either. She showed off her girls quite a bit at the 2013 Grammys, not to mention her penchant for bras that are shaped like cupcakes or shoot whipped cream. She doesn't want to cover up and why should she?

Jennifer Lopez reportedly insured her backside for $27 million. You know the expression "shake your moneymaker"? J. Lo can say that and truly mean it. Her bum might actually be the most perfectly round and toned backside in all of history -- not to mention she's at the age where things start to "go south," if you catch our drift. Her butt is perfect! End of discussion.

So which is it? Vote here.