Relationships can be complicated, especially when your boyfriend accuses you of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan. And for former couple Nate and Lia — who aired all of their dirty laundry on a recent episode of Divorce Court — that's exactly how it went down.

"This sounds ridiculous, but he accused me of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan," Lia begins her case, while the judge stares at her incredulously.

Turns out, Lia spent an "amazing night" with the hip-hop group ("amazing" being a word she uses often to describe the encounter), going backstage and hanging out with the guys on their tour bus all night.

Still, Lia claims, "I kept my lady points together. But basically what happened was I met Wu-Tang, I went on their tour bus, and I went back to their hotel and I was just hanging out all night. And it was amazing. We were not doing anything but talking, talking about politics."

"I lost track of time and I didn't really look at the time … and all of a sudden I look at my clock and it was seven in the morning … and I went home immediately," she recalls, though it's clear Nate was, and still is, convinced that she slept with the entire group.

"She gave them some tang," he quipped during the show.

Watch Nate and Lia duke it out — and hear Lia tell her side of the not-sleeping-with-Wu-Tang story — in the Divorce Court clip above.

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