Josh Krajcik, the only remaining member of the ‘Over 30’ contestants, took to the ‘X Factor’ stage tonight, hoping to deliver a performance that would advance him to the semifinals.

His first song choice, Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love,’ was a bit suspect, given his soulful, bluesy voice, but he still did it justice. Decked out head to toe in black, Krajcik delivered a strong, moody performance of what he called a song that’s both “dark and uplifting at the same time.”

The judges were split right down the middle on the performance with the ladies loving it and the men, not so impressed. L.A. Reid said that while Krajcik sings well he didn’t find the performance believable, saying, “I could never really see you doing that song, so I just didn’t believe you. I don’t buy that song for you.”

Paula Abdul disagreed vehemently, saying that she couldn’t disagree more and that Krajcik’s strengths lie in being able to take any song and make it his own.

Simon Cowell agreed with Reid, “I think you have a very good voice but the song was completely inappropriate and what made it worse was that you were surrounded by a ridiculous dance routine.”

The dance routine did seem to be a bit out of place for the performance, but Krajcik’s voice was undeniably powerful throughout.

For his second song, the choice was his, and Krajcik went down a more conventional road to display his talents with the timeless Beatles classic, ‘Something.’ Krajcik called the song emotional and relatable but knew that he had to nail it in order to advance.

Taking to the massive stage, cascaded by dramatic blue lights, Krajcik delivered a performance that proved that sometimes less is more. The emotion of the song was palpable and the performance was a reminder of all of the reasons Krajcik is in this competition to begin with.

All four judges gave the performance thumbs up, while some were a little more emphatic than others. L.A. Reid was quick to point out that this song may have saved Josh tonight, saying, “Thank God you had a second song tonight, that’s the Josh I love.”

Paula simply said, “Adjectives can’t describe your brilliance anymore. You’re so special, I’m so glad we found you.”

Simon said that it was an improvement from Krajcik’s earlier performance and gave him some advice, telling him to stick to the basics, “Do not allow anymore of this crazy choreography around you. Do what you do best, you’re a singer songwriter, Adele doesn’t need props, nor do you.”

Nicole Scherzinger has been a Josh fan all along and added to what Simon said, saying, “That’s right Simon, Josh is like the male Adele, and that’s a little something I like to call Krajcik Magic.” She implored America to vote for Josh saying, “I need America not to let the real thing go.”

So what do you say America, are you team Josh?

Watch Josh Krajcik Perform Rihanna's 'We Found Love' on 'X Factor'

Watch Josh Krajcik Perform the Beatles' 'Something' on 'X Factor'