Even Nostradamus is like, "Wow, that X-Men: Apocalypse trailer, huh?"

20th Century Fox released a brand new sneak peek at the forthcoming superhero film today (March 17) — the third that features Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy and more of the current universe's actors — and the reel makes the Chicxulub Crater look like a mild inconvenience. When an ancient warlord awakens in the video above, none of Earth's humans or mutants are safe.

"I feel a great swell of pity for the fool that comes to my school looking for trouble," McAvoy, who plays the wise Professor Xavier, warns toward the top of the segment. But his admonition seems to fall on deaf ears, as Apocalypse, a millennia-old jingoist, begins burning the earth's cities to the ground after rising from hibernation.

"Everything they built will fall!" Apocalypse, played Oscar Isaac, bellows as the character's four henchmen — Psylocke, Storm, Archangel and Magneto — aim to ravage any evidence of mankind. And though Prof. X and Raven rally their young class of X-Men to stand and fight, it looks like the mutant super-team might have better luck moving mountains.

In January, director Brian Singer told /film that he wanted to explore the Apocalypse story because it's unique to the franchise, which typically resorts to pitting humans against mutants.

"[Apocalypse is] interested in the Earth as a whole and the purity of civilization and the strongest [beings]," Singer said. "And secondly [the movie] deals with ancient mutantism, or the origins of the mutant state, or the origin of gods and religion. The X-Men universe has never touched upon any of those things and that stuff I loved when I was a kid."

Check out the full trailer above, and hang tight for X-Men's May 27 release!

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