It's safe to say that Zac Efron has left the shaggy, dreamy, swoopy Troy Bolton coif of his High School Musical days long behind him.

Just weeks after raising many an eyebrow by wearing his hair in dreadlocks, the actor surprised followers with yet another new hairstyle — this time wearing his hair up in braids in a bandana during a Los Angeles fishing trip with his younger brother, Dylan.

Efron debuted the look—along with a freshly caught carp—on Twitter on Wednesday (August 1). See the photo below:

Back in early July, Efron came under fire after sharing a photo of himself wearing his hair in dreads "just for fun," as he captioned the polarizing Instagram photo.

The actor was met with swift criticism, with many accusing him of of blatant cultural appropriation for wearing his hair, as a white man, in a style that people who are black are often discriminated against for, often in school and at work.

But braids and dreads are not the first hair looks Efron has experimented with before. All behold: "Beast mode!"

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