After news broke that Zac Efron got socked in the face after running out of gas while driving in a sketched out section of L.A., fans and those close to the actor, 26, were shocked. Now, new intel about the bodyguard he was with during the altercation with transients has surfaced, along with concerns from the actor's friends that he has relapsed and fallen off the wagon.

Efron and his "bodyguard" claimed they were cruising around a seedy section of the city late Sunday (March 23) when they ran out of gas. While waiting for a tow truck, Efron tossed a bottle out the window and it shattered.

According to their story, a group of transients saw that act of littering as deliberate offense against them, thinking he was aiming for them, and a fight ensued. The bodyguard claimed that Efron was punched after exiting the car to save his life, since the transients were attacking him with a shank.

TMZ reports that the bodyguard has nothing to do with security. He has a criminal record, including instances of drugs and violence. He also said he and Efron were looking to grab grub at a restaurant in the Little Tokyo section of town.

We know. The story is highly suspect, since rich, famous and supremely handsome actors don't just run out of gas on Sunday nights while driving in shady areas for no reason.

There are also major holes in the "bodyguard" story, too.

He said that he was attacked in the face and stomach with a shank and Efron's intervention is the reason he is alive. Well, that's not the story cops, who were patrolling the area and broke up the fight between Efron and the homeless dudes, tell.

The authorities said that Efron was the only one bleeding after the tussle. The "bodyguard" was there, texting but not bleeding. So his story about Efron-to-the-rescue might be PR spin.

Those close to the actor are worried he has relapsed. He supposedly went to rehab last year for reported cocaine addiction and despite being seen with a sobriety medal, he may be facing renewed demons.

Another source claimed that Efron never went to a legit rehab facility, instead saying that he received private therapy at a friend's home outside of Cali.

Also, one friend said Efron's personality doesn’t fit the profile of his story, saying, "Zac's a loner. He goes out rarely and the idea of him driving for miles to go to some sushi restaurant in downtown L.A. after midnight is preposterous."

The pieces just don't fit. We're hoping Zac gets help, because it sounds like he is on a dangerous path.