You know how some people have these things called "standards"? They're a set of rules we hold other people to when deciding if we're willing to continue spending more time with them or not. Fringed crop tops on men are often a personal deal-breaker of ours, but we may have to make an exception after seeing Zac Efron in one.

Zac was spotted in the cutoff top — one emblazoned with an infinity sign that spells out 'hakuna matata' across the chest, no less — while filming his latest movie Dirty Grandpa on Tybee Island in Georgia. The rest of his ensemble includes a pair of neon yellow sweatpants splattered with fake blood, and some unseemly black moccasins. He appears to be taking the world's most embarrassing walk of shame. There's little-to-no context for these photos, other than the basis of the plot which is as follows: Zac plays the part of Jason Kelly, who is tricked into driving his grandfather (played by Robert De Niro) to Florida before his wedding. We were hopes that Dirty Grandpa is actually a historical drama and the photographer just caught Zac in between shoots have been totally destroyed, but it's fine.

Check out the photo of Zac above! Are you still totally into it? Were you ever into "it" to begin with? Does being attracted to a man in a fringed crop top mess with your preconceived notion of masculinity? Isn't it great to question these things?

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