Zayn Malik went off on Twitter after his followers thought he was throwing shade at Gigi Hadid.

This all started when the former One Direction singer posted a series of cryptic tweets that fans believed were about his ex-girlfriend. "How about you all go f--k yourselves with your irrelevant bulls--t," he wrote, before following that up with two more tweets, "This ain’t a place for feelings" and "And you aren’t the person you said you were."

Zayn Malik, Twitter

As most of you know, Malik and Hadid called it quits for a second time in January after getting back together last year. The two never confirmed or denied the split, however, their lack of social media pics together was enough to let us know they were no longer a couple. Then, this week, there were reports suggesting the model had moved on after she was spotted with Selena Gomez's ex-fling, Samuel Krost. She debunked the dating rumors by addressing them head-on via Twitter, but then Malik's tweets led many to theorize he was mad at her.

It turns out, the messages weren't about Hadid—at least that's what he's claiming—because he returned to Twitter on Thursday night (April 5) to praise his ex and tell his followers to leave her alone.

"To any dumb f--k out there that wants to make their own stories up," he began his explicit rant, "My tweet was not about Gigi Hadid so leave her the f--k alone she is the most amazing woman I’ve ever known and does nothing but love and support me when lord knows I don’t deserve it. So if you have anything to say @ me and I’ll put you the f--k straight. If you know nothing shut your f--king mouth."

Zayn Malik, Twitter

Alrighty then, case closed...we guess?

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