Happy Friday, laaaaaadies! Get your weekend started right by checking out these mega hot pictures of One Direction's Zayn Malik and Big Time Rush's Carlos Pena shirtless. Phew, these guys are so smokin' hot, we think we need to go grab a glass of ice water real quick.

OK, we're back. Sorry about that. Seriously, how are beings so perfect as Zayn and Carlos even real? Look at those chiseled abs! Of course, these fellows hit the gym hard in order to get their bodies so buff, but it looks like all that work has definitely paid off... Big time.

This photo of a very sexy and very shirtless Zayn Malik, 19, is from a Hollister spread. The brand recruited Malik, who is currently dating Perrie Edwards of Little Mix (what a lucky lady!), to model their jeans, which you can barely see as they hang off his hips and barely cover his perfect British rump. Gosh, stop being so hot already, Zayn! You're making us drool on our keyboard...

And the same can be said for Big Time Rush member Carlos Pena in this shirtless photo. The 'Windows Down' boy bander, who recently celebrated his 23rd birthday, was showing off his awesome new tattoo for fans via Instagram, and boy oh boy, are we glad he got it on his ribs -- it allows us to get a perfect view of the BTR member's toned bod, including one of the finest sets of abs we've seen.

Who do you think has the hottest shirtless bod? Zayn Malik of One Direction, or Carlos Pena of Big Time Rush? It's a tough one, we know, but try and decide then cast your vote below!