Roughly seven years ago, Nickelodeon's hit teen comedy-drama series Zoey 101 aired its final episode, wrapping up the beloved series about a teenage girl named Zoey (played by Jamie Lynn Spears) who enters a co-ed school for the first time and, over the course of several seasons, realizes her true romantic feelings towards her first friend there, Chase Matthews.

Now on Friday, hardcore Zoey 101 were treated to an incredibly special surprise from the show's creator, Dan Schneider. And boy, did he deliver, sharing a five-minute video clip that caught up with some of the show's original characters, including Zoey's BFF and one true love, Chase, as they discussed a certain DVD that Zoey recorded on the show way back when—finally providing some sense of closure for fans who had been patiently waiting for this moment for an entire decade!

Now, to understand the gravity of the surprise, you need a little story context: Back in 2005, an episode involving Zoey and her friends creating a time capsule made a certain promise that some fans have forgotten about over the years, a promise that Schneider decided to make good on. In the episode, Zoey makes a DVD, recording a message about what each of her friends mean to her. of course this includes Chase, who she promises can view the recording... in ten years.

That episode aired on September 18, 2005—ten years ago as of Friday September 18, the same day that Teen Nick teamed up with Schneider to air a special clip called "What Did Zoey Say?"

And yes, the clip did indeed reveal what Zoey said about Chase all those years ago. And yes, you Zoey 101 fans can watch it right here, right now, below.We wont spoil the moment for you:

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