Video has surfaced of Jamie Lynn Spears wielding a serrated knife in an attempt to break up a fight at a restaurant.

As we previously reported, the 'How Could I Want More' singer -- who is mom to six-year-old Maddie -- was at the Pita Pit with friends in Louisiana last month when her friend was caught in the middle of a fight between two guys. As you can see in the video above, Jamie Lynn, being the badass that she is, not only helps pull her friend from the scuffle -- but also runs behind the counter and starts wielding a bread knife in her hands in an attempt to get the guys to stop fighting. And it apparently worked. Whoa!

Whether it was her motherly instincts kicking in or just the fact that she basically the next Katniss Everdeen, Jamie Lynn Spears can defend us any day. Rock on, girl!

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