Jamie Lynn Spears' new EP 'The Journey' is a no holds barred look at the singer.

"It's definitely nerve-wracking at times," Jamie Lynn tells PopCrush, noting that after six years of writing songs, "It takes a lot of bravery to get out and do this with people."

Despite the vulnerability laced throughout songs like 'Shotgun Wedding' and the single, 'How Could I Want More,' Jamie Lynn says it was fun to be honest and hold nothing back.

The singer's openness is even reflected in the title of the EP, which she describes as "little chapters" of her life.

“I think it was right in front of me the whole time," Jamie Lynn explains. “It’s about my journey, something I’ve been saying all along.”

She says one benefit to releasing the collection is allowing fans to hear full-length versions of the tracks “the way I heard them in my head. The way I intend them to be heard.” Jamie Lynn admits it's hard to pick one lyric to summarize the EP's message, but cites the phrase "how I could I want more" as the most apt at the moment.

Sure enough, everything is falling into place for the newly married singer, both personally and professionally. She just finished a stint opening shows for country singer Alan Jackson, an experience she enthusiastically responds was "like a dream."

"He's so established," Jamie Lynn says, describing the singer as "so nice. His fans were so accepting."

The experience was Jamie Lynn's first time singing in arenas, but by watching Alan she learned how to be comfortable in that setting. She compliments his ability to make shows with stadium-sized crowds feel intimate and his ability to keep a connection with fans.

Jamie Lynn also credits those closest to her for giving her career advice. She thanks her dad for instilling a strong work ethic in her, but also got some words of wisdom from her big sis, Britney.

“My sister's been through so much and stuck it out," Jamie Lynn says, adding that Britney tells her: “Trust your gut.”

While Jamie Lynn's focus is on her EP, which you can buy here, she says that she's written more than 100 songs. She would love for fans to eventually hear all the tracks, but right now she wants to give them "a sense of where I've been."

Her five-song EP is filled with narratives that allow listeners to join Jamie Lynn's journey. After all, for her it comes down to one thing: "Connecting with my fans."

Listen to Jamie Lynn's EP, 'The Journey'