'American Idol' hit the South to mine talent in Houston, Texas on tonight's (Jan. 26) audition episode of Season 11. Everything is bigger in Texas, so lots of big voices asserted themselves while some big crazies did, too! On the judging panel, Jennifer Lopez was battling with Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler since she was at odds with their choices versus hers. Every time she wanted someone to move forward, they nixed that person. Every time she nixed someone, they sent them through.

That said, PopCrush is pleased to offer this recap of the Houston audition process. And yes, Houston, we did have a few problems.

Phong Vu: Is this William Hung Part II? He is Asian and he cried, saying God is on his side. He loves pop divas and while he had passion, he can't sing like them.

Skylar Laine: She hunts. She drives motorbikes. She's like a brunette Miranda Lambert. So it was no shock that she sang 'Hell on Heels' by Lambert's all-girl ensemble Pistol Annies. The judges loved it.

Baylie Brown: She tried out five years ago but didn't make it. Now she's 21, and her version of Bon Jovi's 'Bed of Roses' was sweetly alluring, so she's moving on.

Kristine Osorio: She's hitting the show's age limit, so at 28, this is her last chance. She is tattooed, a divorcee and a mom of three who used the money for her divorce lawyer to buy a plane ticket and try out for 'Idol' singing Adele's 'One and Only.' She's moving on.

Linda Williams: She had a good voice that didn't connect with J Lo, but the male judges loved her. She said something about almost peeing herself on stage, to which Steven Tyler said, "Go right ahead." Ick. Linda said she will prove La Lopez wrong.

Alejandro Cazares: He sang 'Looking Up' by Paramore and it wasn't good, but we felt bad for him.

Cortez Shaw: He sang a doo-wop lite version of Adele's 'Someone Like You.' Ballsy move, since it's a tough song to sing, but he nailed it with a hammer.

Ramiro Garcia: He was born without ears, but through surgeries and faith, he was able to hear, speak and sing. He sang 'Amazing Grace' beautifully and was sent to Hollywood, but not because he garnered sympathy, since his story echoes the sentiment of the song. He was just an instant fave!