Charice has a wish list of artists she'd love to collaborate with, and it features some of the biggest names in hip-hop and R&B.

"I'd love to work with either Ne-Yo or Chris Brown," the 19-year-old singer/actress told Celebuzz. "The songs that I really love are more like their songs, R&B and stuff. Right now we don’t have a female doing that kind of stuff, more like hip-hop and everything like that, so I would love to work with them. And Eminem, oh my God, and Dr. Dre."

Charice has performed live with Ne-Yo at least once, when she joined the crooner and producer David Foster on stage last year to perform the Michael Jackson hit 'Earth Song.' Any song written for her and Ne-Yo would surely have to feature some vocal fireworks.

It's clear that Charice has big goals, right in line with her big voice. Even if she may not be returning to 'Glee' next season, we haven't heard the last from the young singer. She's been recording a new album, which could see the light of day later this year and may include 'Louder' and 'Before it Explodes.'

She also recently finished filming the movie 'Here Comes the Boom' with Kevin James and stated a desire to star in horror films.

Watch Charice and Ne-Yo Perform 'Earth Song'