Tonight is the big kickoff for ABC’s new singing competition show ‘Duets,’ so it makes sense to start the show with Sugarland's song ‘Tonight.’ And what a start it was. If every performance is going to be this hot, you won’t need to leave the house for a concert all summer.

Each superstar has chosen two duet partners. Jennifer Nettles, of Sugarland fame, chose a young man from New York named J Rome. She chose wisely because his voice blended with hers in a smooth, sugary sweetness. But their performance went beyond that. They were obviously working to sing the song together and not competing for center stage, even their casual movements were well-coordinated. Nettles was clearly having a great time singing with a new partner.

When it was time to hear from the other superstars, they couldn’t contain their excitement. They all felt the show had gotten off to a great start. Kelly Clarkson said they were outstanding together and that “soulful music rings clear in any genre.” John Legend echoed Clarkson, telling J Rome he was phenomenal and he looks and sounds like a star. Robin Thicke threw down the gauntlet, telling J Rome that because he’s handsome and has an amazing voice, “I don’t like you already.” He then stood up and shouted to the audience, “That’s how you start a season of ‘Duets!'"

He was right. This show needed a hot start to stand out in a crowd of music competition shows. It’s got a different spin than the others and it’s fun to watch the stars enjoying themselves as much as the competitors do. Having them join the competition is a great way to keep us watching. The only thing we'll miss are the really bad auditions.

Watch J Rome + Jennifer Nettles Perform 'Tonight'