As if American Idol season 10 contestant Stefano Langone wasn’t hot enough, out he comes with a video for his hit ‘I’m On A Roll.’ From one view it’s easily seen that Stefano’s career is on an upswing -- on a roll, actually.

The video shows Stefano rolling through the streets of Hollywood in a hot red Ferrari — after being mistaken for a valet — and settles at the Roosevelt Hotel, where he parties like there’s no tomorrow. And with the career and wild ride he’s having can you blame him? It seems if you’ve got the correct car you can get anywhere.

The song features New Boyz and Rock Mafia, all of who seem to be having quite a blast from the release of the video. From poolside parties to late night pillow fights, Stefano is in the public eye to stay. But, as with many things, when the truth comes out near the end of the song we see that things aren’t always what they seem. Stefano hands in the red Ferrari for his original beat up old jalopy.

The party might be over in the video, but in actuality, Stefano’s here for the long haul.

Watch the Stefano Langone 'I'm On A Roll' Video