'The Glee Project' contestants are sitting in a pretty good spot right now, vying for a seven-episode role on FOX's insanely popular music TV show, 'Glee' -- albeit a pretty stressful one. Teen.com caught up with the hopefuls, who dished on their personal fave 'Glee' characters and what songs they'd want to perform if they make it to the final curtain call.

The animated Alex Newell spilled that as a diva, he's a big fan of the show's diva, Mercedes. "I love Mercedes, Mercedes is life," he said. "Mercedes is my life." Samuel Larsen admitted that he's partial to the head honcho Will Schuester, Damian McGinty and Cameron Mitchell both tagged Artie as their favorite cast member, and the score was tied up for Sue, as well -- both Ellis Wylie and Bryce Vine (who was voted off on Sunday's premiere episode) said the evil cheerleading coach gets their juices flowing. Shockingly, McKynleigh Abraham was the only one to call attention to our personal fave, Brittany!

Unfortunately for the remaining 11 competitors, only one person will find themselves on the set of 'Glee' this fall when Season 3 starts running. But they can still dream, right? So, what song would the potential new McKinley High classmates want to sing on 'Glee?' "I think that it would be really fun to perform 'Someone Like You' by Adele," Hannah McIalwain told Teen. Added Cameron, "Or like, maybe 'Revolution' by the Beatles!"

Of course, all of the contestants are honored just to be apart of the show. When asked what his reaction was to making it, Samuel said only, "Holy Bieber!" Yeah, we feel that.

Watch 'The Glee Project' Episode 2 when it airs this Sunday, June 19, on Oxygen.

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