The second round of live shows of 'The Voice' proved to be a bit a bit of a letdown after the stellar amount of performances last week.

Our fearless judges were in good spirits as always, and some even dressed appropriately!  We were proud of Cee Lo for rocking a relatively normal dapper red suit.  A slimmed down Christina Aguilera positively glowed throughout the night, but that may have been the spray-on tan.  Partners in crime Adam Levine and Blake Shelton traded quips throughout the show.

All performers on Team Adam and Team Cee Lo gave it their best tonight and are now at the mercy of America for the first time.

Let's take a walk down memory lane to see what went down tonight.  Voting is open until 10 AM ET tomorrow (April 9), and as Carson Daly pointed out, anyone near electricity has an option to vote.  We were positively overwhelmed at just how many ways you can show 'The Voice' contestants your love.  Head to the comments to let us know who your favorite was tonight!

Team Adam:

Katrina Parker: The Adele sound-alike stumbled a bit during a sedated performance of 'Tonight, Tonight' by the Smashing Pumpkins.  We still have high hopes for the underdog who wowed us during the battle rounds, even if the judges didn't give her a vote of confidence.

Tony Lucca: The former Mousketeer was disappointingly dissed by fellow child-star Aguilera, who called him "one-dimensional" after performing Peter Gabriel's dramatic tune 'In Your Eyes.'  If all else fails, the singer can expect a long career of performing at 'Say Anything' screenings across the country.  Plus, he has Justin Timberlake on his side.

Kim Yarbrough: We love this soulful powerhouse, even if the judges thought her cover of Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' was too safe.  Kim didn't need any fancy staging to highlight her powerful set of pipes.  This is where we parted with the judges the most in their too-critical comments.

Mathai:  The spunky teen put a spotlight on her dreamy vocals by singing the difficult John Legend song 'Ordinary People.'  Just like this song ruled the airwaves and launched Legend to success in 2005, we see the same in the singularly named singer's near future.  The current music market is itching for a talent like this.

Karla Davis:  The country cutie never really had a shot by taking a huge chance and trying to turn B.o.B.'s rap banger 'Airplanes' into a melodic mid-tempo jam.  She was mostly lambasted for her daring song choice, but we applaud her for trying to do something different.  Do you, Karla Davis, do you.

Pip: Tiny pop dynamo Pip, an early frontrunner and judge favorite, didn't catch fire with the Killers rollicking 'When You Were Young.'  Even his own coach wasn't crazy about the performance, deeming it "too safe."  We are still rooting for the nice guy to not finish last and thought his vocals were crystal clear perfection.

Team Cee Lo:

Cheesa: Hawaii's pride took a disco dive, giving a high energy performance of Thelma Houston's 'Don't Leave Me This Way.'  Cheesa demanded respect, practically forcing us to not forget her.  She brought down the house with this fiery performance and we will never doubt her again, mostly because we are now sure she could beat us up.

James Massone: The smooth talking Bostonite really milked his falsetto for all it was worth tonight while singing the unexpected 'Don't Know Why' by early 2000's phenomenon Norah Jones.  We can't pretend this was our thing, but we bet a lot of ladies will still be swooning across the nation tomorrow.

Juliet Simms: Our admitted favorite, this gritty rocker was refreshing during a vocal tour-de-force on the Police's 'Roxanne.'  Anyone who can turn this stalkerific ballad into a beautiful ode to love is a winner in our book.  We expect her to sail right through to the finals.

Tony Vincent: The guyliner fan took a dramatic approach to 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' with mixed results.  His own coach seemed to be the only one in his corner, and we think he's a lock for bottom three tomorrow night.

Erin Martin:  The groovy and beautiful former model entertained as always, kookily covering 'Walk Like an Egyptian' dressed as Cleopatra.  We can't say it was a stellar vocal performance, but she definitely brought a dose of crazy that the show was sorely lacking.

Jamar Rogers: The inspirational come back kid deftly sang Lenny Kravitz's 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' surrounded by dancers on giant stilts.  It was highly intriguing with impeccable vocals to boot.  Jamar is definitely the total package and perfectly embodies the spirit of 'The Voice.'