French police have made 16 arrests after an investigation into Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery in early October 2016, in which several masked men tied the reality star up and stole millions in jewelry and money.

The alleged burglars were rounded up in a series of early morning raids in suburbs around the Paris area, as well as Normandy and the French Riviera, the Guardian reports. Several suspects are reportedly known to detectives for past armed robbery. Investigators told TMZ that police found one to two assailants' DNA on the gag used to silence Kardashian when they tied her up and left her in the bathtub at gunpoint.

Fingerprints found in the apartment where Kardashian's robbery occurred also identified two of the suspects, and the police then surveilled those people during their investigation, according to The Guardian. The suspects' ages are between 22 and 73, and according to TMZ three of the people picked up are female and the rest are male. The suspects can be held for up to 96 hours before being charged.

TMZ has also posted photos of some of the dozen-plus Kardashian robbery suspects suspects that were rounded up, as police evidently gave photographers access to the perp walk.

Sometime between 2:30 and 3 AM on the evening of October 2-3, two of the five men at the site of the robbery forced a concierge to let them inside and targeted Kardashian. They held her at gunpoint before tying her up and locking her in a bathroom. By the time the event was over, the men had left with up to $11 million worth of cash and jewelry.

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