The first weekend of Coachella 2013 has come and gone, and with it, plenty of cool, hip ensembles that you can easily copy in your everyday life or on your way to the next music festival.

We've assembled some of our favorite looks worn by 2013 Coachella attendees, from famous pop stars to regular civilians. The trends were obvious: Loose, flowing maxi dresses; light and breathable fabrics; floral prints; floppy hats; statement accessories; and more. Check out our photo recap of the best Coachella fashion trends at the 2013 festival below!

Girly Dresses + Sensible Shoes:

Did Katy Perry consult our 2013 Coachella Survival Guide before she hit the desert?

The 'Wide Awake' songstress rocked a hat, a comfy, cute dress in a floral print (also a staple at Coachella 2013) and sensible shoes! Take a look at her ensemble -- it reminds us of the look that was big in the '90s, when riot grrrls wore femme dresses and chunky combat boots. For Coachella goers like Katy, it's fashion meets function.

John Sciulli, Getty Images

Maxi Dresses + Floppy Hats:

Vanessa Hudgens was the epitome of Cali summer chic in her black and white striped maxi dress, which she paired with bold baubles. That necklace makes quite a statement!


Here's the Hudge again, with her big, floppy hat, an armful of bangles and an even better accessory -- her big, beautiful smile!


Cute Prints:

This StyleCaster and UGG Australia correspondent prepped for Coachella with three key pieces -- a floppy hat and shades, which we suggested in our Coachella 2013 Survival Guide, and a tiny print skirt. No wonder she was jumping for joy -- she knows she looks uh-mazing!

Light, Flowy Jumpsuits:

Another StyleCaster and UGG Australia fashionista kept it cool, both literally and figuratively, in this jumpsuit. The loose construction is lightweight and breathable, in addition to being hip and fashion-forward.

Lots and Lots of Accessories:

Ireland Baldwin, daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, showed her patriotic side with a flag print do-rag and top. She also wore adorable heart-shaped sunnies and a skull bracelet that we really want to steal.


Tanks + Scarves:

A wife-beater tank is a wardrobe basic, and it's perfect for the Indio desert, since overheating is a common ailment in the warm, California climate. However, this cool dude turned it up a notch by adding a scarf.

We know, scarves are supposed to be a tool for keeping warm, but in this case it's purely for show. Still, you can't argue when it looks this good.


Graphic Tees:

Check out Joe Jonas with his latest hot model girlfriend. While the couple strolled through the Coachella grounds, fans snapped pics of the Jo Bros vocalist rocking a white tank with a black animal graphic.

Graphic tees were in at Coachella this past weekend, since you can make a statement without saying a word. Your shirt does it for you.


Hippie Chicks:

Bella Thorne and a friend were exemplary of the hippie chick nature of many Coachella attendees.

Thorne, pictured on the right, is wearing cut-off jeans (exposed pockets is another popular accent) and a white peasant top, and she dosed the look with a bit of '70s flair thanks to her bouquet crown. This flower child is in bloom! Her friend's maxi skirt was also quite "Stevie Nicks," thanks to its ethereal flow.


Mixed Prints:

Mixing prints used to be a fashion no-no, a cardinal rule you didn't break. Well, the rule has since been overturned, and this Coachellan demonstrates why combo prints aren't the faux pas they once were.

She pairs a striped top with flowered pants and finished off her outfit off with a floppy sun hat. Her look is fun, bright and effortless.


Huge Shades:

Extra large shades are necessary if you're heading outdoors for a long time, since they protect the sensitive skin around your eyes and make you look like a diva.

Lots of fashionable Coachella attendees were wearing big, bold sunglasses, like this StyleCaster and UGG Australia correspondent. She also rocked a loose-fitting and breathable mini dress, another Coachella "must."

Bright Sneakers:

Finally, this StyleCaster and UGG Australia correspondent was sensible and fashionable in one fell swoop, courtesy of her bright orange sneakers. The sturdy construction of kicks like these allows for good support, while the citrusy hue just pops!