The contenders for the 2014 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress include some of Hollywood's most revered women. Sally Hawkins, Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita Nyong'o, Julia Roberts and June Squibb all delivered amazing performances, but who do you think should take home the Academy Award?

Sally Hawkins played the art of naive, yet relatable, in her turn as Cate Blanchett's sister in 'Blue Jasmine.' Her heartfelt performance was the perfect foil to the selfishness of Cate's character. The role earned Sally her first Oscar nomination.

Despite an all-star cast, Jennifer Lawrence's performance was one of the standout moments in ‘American Hustle.’ Jennifer teamed up with David O. Russell and Bradley Cooper again for her role as an unstable housewife. Following her Best Actress win last year, this is the star's third Academy Award nomination.

Newcomer Lupita Nyong’o amazed audiences with her powerful performance in ’12 Years a Slave.’ The actress deftly handled the part of as a sexually abused slave, making her debut performance worthy of an Oscar nod.

We love us some Julia Roberts because she seems so down-to-earth, so naturally the actress wowed us with her role as a member of one seriously dysfunctional family. In 'August: Osage County,' Julia plays the strong-willed daughter of the the equally strong-willed Meryl Streep. The actress already has one Academy Award to her name, but this is her fourth nomination overall.

June Squibb earned her first Academy Award nomination for her role as Bruce Dern's wife in ‘Nebraska.’ The movie marked the second time June teamed up with director Alexander Payne. She was also nominated for a Golden Globe for the part.

Who do you think should win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress? You can vote once an hour until the polls close at 7:59PM ET on March 2.