2PM have a lot going on right now.

First, the K-Pop group will donate a portion of the proceeds from their 'Grown' comeback album to a children's charity. Group member Taecyeon revealed the news of the band's generosity, but not without a bit of bad news, as well.

A few members of the  boy band appeared on the May 22 episode of the TV show 'Vitamin,' which focused on thyroid problems, the No. 1 cause of cancer in Korea. Anyone who appeared on the program that day received a test on site prior to going on air, with the results revealed during the episode.

And guess what? Taecyeon's test revealed a mildly infected thyroid.

His bandmates Nichkhun and Wooyoung were totally thrown by the news, saying, "We were always confident on his health, and we didn't know the results would be like this."

Despite the diagnosis, the doctor assured the members that thyroid infections tend to go away on their own and worrying is futile. He did suggest that they get thyroid exams moving forward. Knowing, being aware and preventative, and looking after your health is half the battle.