You don't have to tell us twice: 5 Seconds of Summer and Ed Sheeran have songs called 'Kiss Me' (to be accurate, 5SOS' is called 'Kiss Me Kiss Me'), and we are completely obsessed with them both. It might be the hardest question ever, but we have to ask: Whose 'Kiss Me' track do you like better?

5 Seconds of Summer's 'Kiss Me Kiss Me' is hands-down one of our favorite songs off of their self-titled debut album. It is endlessly addictive, with its super upbeat vibe, stellar guitar riffs and those vocals (heart eye emojis for days). It reminds us of endless summers, happiness and those carefree days when everything was just perfect. Plus, we'd love any track that involves the guys of 5SOS telling us to kiss them repeatedly. Not even gonna lie.

Before there was 'Thinking Out Loud,' Ed Sheeran brought us to our knees with 'Kiss Me.' There is no other singer-songwriter whose slow tunes could possibly compare to his romantic ballads, and 'Kiss Me' is arguably one of the redheaded Brit's best. The melody is heart-wrenchingly gorgeous, and Ed's soothing voice and carefully crafted lyrics help make this song pretty much otherworldly. We already have it in mind for our future wedding song.

Whose 'Kiss Me' is your fave? Cast your vote for 5SOS or Ed Sheeran in the poll below.

Listen to 5 Seconds of Summer's 'Kiss Me Kiss Me'

Listen to Ed Sheeran's 'Kiss Me'

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