Is it us, or is it getting hot in here? Our favorite musicians are turning up the heat this summer! We're on a quest to crown the Hottest Star of 2014, and the first round features a face-off between 5 Seconds of Summer and the Vamps! Which band should move onto the next round?

5 Seconds of Summer burst into the pop music scene with their punk-infused hit 'She Looks So Perfect.' What's not to love? The guys can sing, play instruments and even make American Apparel underwear seem sultry! We admit that their Aussie accents totally make us swoon, but their sense of humor is also amazing. (Who can forget the time Ash told us jokingly, "I think we’ve never wanted anything more than for people to get nude in a video of ours.")

The Vamps are pretty amazing as well! The four Brits also know how to rock out and amaze us with their talent. The guys work hard and play hard. We've totally caught them goofing around, but they've also teamed up with some of their amazing musical peers. A collaboration with Demi Lovato? Now that's hot. We definitely think this could be their year!

Who should win this round of the Hottest Star of 2014? You can vote for 5 Seconds of Summer or the Vamps once an hour until the polls close on June 27 at 12PM ET. The winning band will move onto the next round.

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