No, Abigail Breslin did not actually just shade Taylor Swift with the ultimate burn.

While many interpreted the 'You Suck' singer's 'Blank Space' lyric parody tweet ("'Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like an emotionally unstable cat lady") to be a dig at T. Swift, Abigail revealed that she was actually talking about herself, not Taylor:

While that's kind of how we took Abigail's initial tweet to begin with, the Internet exploded last night (Dec. 11), assuming that the actress was throwing some serious shade at the pop star. Of course, the assumption wasn't too far of a stretch, considering the fact that Taylor a) loves her cats and b) instantly became Twitter besties with Michael Clifford after sending a few flirty tweets back and forth -- not to mention it is widely speculated that the 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist is the subject of Abigail's biting 'You Suck.'

But relax, Internet: Abigail Breslin has spoken, and she did not call Taylor Swift "an emotionally unstable cat lady" -- though we might use the term to describe ourselves.

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