Adam Levine's team thrilled the audience with their group song, 'With a Little Help From My Friends,' and as individual contestants during their first live performances on 'The Voice.'

Levine pushed Casey Weston out of her comfort zone by giving her KT Tunstall's 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree' to sing. Weston, who normally sings slow country ballads, seemed a little flustered when Adam told her that he wanted a rocking version of the tune. She came out and delivered an up-tempo rendition of the song, and Adam was very pleased. "The energy in here was incredible and you killed it," he told Weston.

Next up on Levine's team was the Devon Barley, who was handed OneRepublic's 'Stop and Stare' by his coach. The A cappella singer gave a confident and powerful performance that belied his sleight stature. Adam told Barley that he was a "little pitchy in the beginning," but that he beat those problems and was "so supremely confident up there."

Barley was followed on Levine's team by country crooner Jeff Jenkins. In this case, Levine gave his team member a song that was perfectly suited for him -- Carrie Underwood's 'Jesus, Take the Wheel.' Jenkins dedicated the song to his late mother, and earned rave reviews from Levine after his live performance. "You did such an incredible job that it’s almost as if I completely forgot about the fact that this is a competition," Levine told Jenkins.

After a recorded segment that showed Levine's team members hanging out at the Maroon 5 singer's home, it was time for their group performance of the Beatles' 'With a Little Help From My Friends.' Levine started the tune off with the first verse before he was followed by team members Weston, Jenkins, Barley and Javier Colon, as well as a full backing choir.

Last up for Team Adam was Javier Colon, whose soulful voice has made him a clear favorite in this competition. Colon took on the challenge of singing Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel' for his live performance. Levine told Colon to "scale back a little bit" and not try to show off his range all the time. Colon sang a beautiful version of 'Angel,' prompting Levine to tell him, "It was absolutely perfect."

Next week, Levine will have to say goodbye to two of these contestants. One of the four will be saved by the public's vote, while another will be selected by Levine himself. The other two will be eliminated from the competition.

Watch Adam Levine and His Team Perform 'With a Little Help From My Friends' on 'The Voice'